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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

story Arabic assignment #1 =,=

salam'alaik peeps! :b

i'm so tireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed today! ;O
my friends and I went to Melaka to complete an Arabic assignment, 
which needs us to act and talk and speech and fight and pretend and bla bla bla bla blaaa~
err, its actly an assignment that we need to promote a place for tourist or foreigner to come at the place we choose. 
such a documentary,,,, i guess~

arghhh, at first.
i'm not agree for choosing this place.
bcause my RIBENA gang and I preferred to go to Sawah Padi nearby my house.
[not so nearby, but bolehlaaa~]
we're looking for nature, green, peace and village environment 
since nowadays there're so many many manyyyyyyyyy buiding all around the world.
just a few places that have this kind of places.

since we planned to go to the Sawah Padi,
i offered my group members to stay in my house for 2 days.
so, we can go to see the Taman Kelip-Kelip. 
me myself also dont have any chance to go there =.=
then, we can go to Bukit Melawati and having Ikan Bakar 
coz this place is near to the sea ;)
plus, i have my parents who are PRO in arabic.
so, i thought we can discuss together with them since we are doing Arabic work!

hmm, but unfortunately..
there're few of my group members not really agreed to stay in my house.
they said that the boys and girls are in the same house.
and they were so worried bout the 'Ikhtilat' that will happen in MY HOUSE!
well, helloooo~
did you know that my parents are religious person??
you think we can easy doing MAKSIAT in my own house?
erghh, please.
i will NOT let it happen.

then, discuss by discuss
talk by talk
call by call
fight by fight
ask by ask
plan by plan
payment by payment
day by day

we decided to choose Melaka ;O
uwaaaaaaa :O
so bored!

that's not mean that place #$%^&%$ bored,
i think every time my old school wants to go for a visit,
they usually choose Melaka.

erghhhh =.=
#psst, but actly there're many more place that i haven't go yet :P

okay, then.
that's all for now.
later, i will proceed my story ^^
so tired mehhhh :O

to TESL's students', English tcher/-to-be, related to english person,
sorry for the very very very bad grammar.

practise makes perfect right? ^-^
wassalam ;)

2 99 doakan ainulQalb bahagiaaa :):

Nurul Nadia said...

Fuyoo....hebak2 hohoy speaking..nganga mulut akak kalu dgr hohoy speaking london..ok ape melaka..sonok..boleh pi jaln2..klu buat asgnmt dkt tmpt kitew x adventure kot..ape your bst..:lari laju2

hOhOy :) said...

elehhh akakkkk :sosek
akak mesti lg hebat dr adekkkk :)
adik ni saje jeee. ngade2 kejap!
haah kan kak? kalau kita buat kat tempat kita mesti bosan sikit sbb kite dah biase ekkk? :hihi
btw, tq akk! :lari